Homemade Baked Goods

StormCloud Bakery was founded in 2019 by a young entrepreneur with a passion for experimenting with a multitude of things but especially baking, beginning at a young age. Through this process, Storm, StormCloud CEO found herself struggling heavily with addiction and mental illness. Due to the amazing support services in the Windsor / Essex County area she was able to receive life changing help. To ensure others in similar situations have the same help our initiative is to put money back into these programs by continuously donating a portion of our profits to places such as: Brentwood Recovery Home, Transitional Stability Centre and the Windsor-Essex County branch of Canadian Mental Health Association. With deliveries throughout Windsor-Essex County including a $10 delivery fee and/or order minimum depending on location. We accommodate dietary restrictions and any modifications specified in your order. We are not your typical bakery, StormCloud offers a gourmet seasonal menu, keeping customer favourites. Made, tested and reviewed by our team. Guaranteed Satisfaction.

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